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With the long history of China comes a long list of famous people, both men and women, whose deeds changed the time they were in and even the course of China's history.

Their stories have ignited people's imaginations generation after generation, stirred up emotions and taught lessons about life.

The following are some of the people who step out of the faded time of the past with vivid pictures of their individuality that is attached to their names.

These names are household names; some people look up to them with complex feelings, some with sympathy and deep admiration.

Famous Men:

Zhang Sanfeng: a Chinese Taoist priest who has a fame of legendary culture hero.
Luo Guanzhong: author of one of the four great Chinese literature classics Romance of the Three Kingdoms (or Three Kingdoms.)
Qu Yuan (Quyuna)
Quyuan (Qu Yuan):a great poet a great poet and minister who's closely associated with the origin of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


Cai Lun: the inventor of paper and paper making technique.
Qin Shi Huang: the first emperor of China



  • Wei Yang
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Li Shizhen
  • Mencius, or Mengzi
  • Li Bai
  • Li Shiming


Famed Women:

  • Wang Zao Jun
  • Xishi
  • Diao Chan
  • Yang Guifei, or Yang Yuhuan
  • Mother of Mencius
  • Menjiangnu
  • Hua Mulan

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