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China Holidays

It is important to know Chinese holidays if you have dealings with this ancient yet energetic country, for business purposes or for personal reasons.

It's a plus to know some of the basics. It might help you make your schedule more effective.

There are two kinds of Chinese holidays:

First, the modern holidays that China observes. They are dated by the Gregorian calendar

Second, the traditional festivals. They are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, including the holidays of other ethnic minorities other than the Han people..

Let's begin with the modern holidays.

The Modern China Holidays:

  1. New Year: January 1.
  2. International Working Women's Day: March 8.
  3. Tree Planting Day: March 12.
  4. International Labor Day: May 1.
  5. Chinese Youth Festival: May 4.
  6. International Nurse Day: May 12.
  7. International Children's Day: June 1.
  8. Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party.
  9. Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA): August 1.
  10. Teacher's Day: September 10.
  11. National Day: October 1.

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The Major Traditional Festivals of Ethnic Minorities

Chinese people are divided into many ethnic groups, the majority is Han, and the rest are the minorities. Here are some of their well known festivals.

  • The Water Sprinkling Festival of the Dai people .
  • The Nadam Fair of the Mongolian people
  • The Torch Festival of the Yi people
  • The Danu (Never Forget the Past) Festival of the Yao people
  • The Third Month Fair of the Bai people
  • The Antiphonal Singing Day of the Zhuang people
  • The Tibetan New Year and Onghor (Expecting a Good Harvest) Festival of the Tibetan people
  • The Jumping Flower Festival of the Miao people

Important Tanditional Chinese Holidays

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