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Lucky bamboo is called Fu Gui Zhu or Kai Yun Zhu in Mandarin, written as in simplified Chinese.

It is not really bamboo. It is botanically known as Dracaena sanderana and can grow in water like cut flowers, but will last for years.



Lucky bamboo is pretty to look at and has spiritual meanings, which makes it a popular item in many occasions.

It is used as a Chinese fengshui indoor house plant to change the elements to their favor. It is also a lucky symbol commonly seen in Asian families when the Chinese New Year is approaching.

People love to have it as a way to celebrate a business's grand opening, the purchase of a new home or just for pure good luck year-round.

Meanings :

  • Advancement - good for careers
  • Prosperity - success in business ventures
  • Longevity - Healthy, harmonious and peaceful life
  • In Zen - Gracious, honorable and virtuous
  • In Relationships - Energize your love life
  • In FengShui - Creation of positive energy (Chi) in your environment
To many, the number of the bamboo stalks indicates different signification:
  • Three stalks: Brings Fu (Happiness), Lu (Wealth), and Shou (Longevity). If arranged as a tower, it means "Better, Promotions, More of the Good Things of Life, and Climbing."
  • Five stalks: Represent the 5 different parts of life (intellectual, physical, spiritual, relationships, financial) from which wealth spurs from.
  • Six stalks: The number six is a lucky number that sounds like "Lu", meaning prosperity.
  • Seven stalks: Good health.
  • Eight stalks: Eight is a Chinese lucky number that sounds like "Fa", meaning to grow and thrive.
  • Ten stalks: Complete and perfect.
  • Twenty-one stalks: To offer a very powerful, all-purpose blessing.
  • Lucky Log: The lucky log keeps sprouting new leaves, which means "strong life" or "prosperous." It's a popular gift item between businesses in Taiwan.



Place the bamboo in shallow water (about 1/2" - 2") in a vase or a pot with soil. Change the water every other week. It is not necessary to feed the lucky bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo adapts to a new environment easily. Low light to bright indirect sunlight suits them best. It prefers temperatures ranging from 45 - 90 F.

If you want the bamboo stick to grow curly, you need some patience to let them grow towards the light. Rotate them periodically, preferably every 15 days or more to allow the growth. The curlier you want it, the more rotation it needs.


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