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You'll need a Chinese business visa (F visa) if you are invited to China for a business visit, such as investigating, lecturing, or for the purpose of commerce, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, etc.

Here is the list of what you need when you apply for a China business visa. There are some situtions that need special attention:

  • If your former citizenship was Chinese.
  • If you are a foreign visitor or worker in another country and apply for a China visa from that country.
  • If you need a multiple entry visa.

And finally, how to apply for your China visa.

If your former citizenship was Chinese:

If your former citizenship was Chinese, and this is your FIRST time to apply for a Chinese visa, no matter if it's a Chinese travel visa (L visa), or another type of Chinese visa, you need to do the following besides what were mentioned above:

  • You need to write down your Chinese name on the application form.
  • Prepare your original Chinese passport to submit.
  • Prepare a photocopy of your information page on the passport.

If your former citizenship was Chinese, and you've been a citizen of another country, and the passport you're holding now is not the first passport of your current country, then you need to submit your older passport or a photocopy of the most recent Chinese visa on it.

If You Are a Foreign Visitor or Worker in Another Country and Apply For a China Visa From That Country

In this situation, you need to prepare your valid visa issued by this country from which you apply your China visa and make a photocopy of it. Your need to provide them to your local Chinese embassy office. Other additional important documents that verify your legal status are also need too.

For example, if you are a temporary foreign visitor with a valid US visa, or if you are a foreign resident with legitimate status in the US, when you apply for Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy, you are to be asked for a valid US Visa, the original and photocopy of your US Green Card, Work Permit, I-20 Form, or other additional documents.

And it's a case by case situation if you can be issued a China visa. Having all your visa-related documents ready is always a plus if you don't want to wait a long line and end up rejected because of a lack ofrequired documents.

If You Need a Multiple Entry Visa

China business visa lets you choose how many entires you need as following:

  • Single Entry, valid for 3-6 months
  • Double Entry, valid for 6 months
  • Multiple Entry, valid for 6 months or 12 months

You may apply for a Multiple Entry "F" Visa which is valid for 24 months, if

  • The submited documents of yours prove that you have made an investment in China, or have established a collaboration with a Chinese company, such as business license, contracts, a letter of appointment, etc.
  • You have been issued "F" visa at least two times, and have submitted copies of the visas.

How to Apply for Chinese Business Visa

There are two common ways to apply for your China visa:

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  1. You can apply in person. You may submit your application to the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate -General in the area where you reside.
  2. You may entrust your application materials to a travel/visa agent or someone else to the visa office of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate - General in the area where you reside. Visa agents may offer online visa services that can save your time and trip.

Generally, mail-in applications are not accepted by Chinese embassy or consulates.

If you really need to apply by mail, it's best to use online visa services or to make sure that the Chinese visa office in your area accepts it. Other wise you might have your application refused and thus lose your valued time.

There is no need to make an appointment for submitting your application materials, but you might have to wait a long time in the Chinese visa office. Planning ahead and knowing your local situation can save your time.


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