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Which company provides the best website hosting? Once you decide to put your foot on the web to make your presence known, you find youself staring into the world of web hosting.


To have a reliable web hosting solution is imperative for doing business online, no matter if you are an pure infoprennuer or having a morta and wall business. You want your online visitors to browse your site effortlessly, and you want your online transactions safe and easy to use.

Yet, trying to identify a web host can be a pretty daunting task. There are so many hosting companies available nowadays. Too many to choose from can be a problem. On top of it, the online technology changes fast and web hosts are too. The change makes the choice more difficult. The good host yesterday might not be as competitive as some others today.

No matter what your business model is, there are certain things and web hosting features and options you must consider:

Pricing aspect: budget web hosting

In terms of web hosting, a higher price doen't necessarily mean better quality. Some may provide you better services but at low pricing. Do your research and then finalize your purchase. I used inmotionhosting for some of my clients because it is a budget web hosting and enjoys the best place among many review sites. Both my clients and I are pretty satisfied with its services.

Why do you want to have a website and can the hosting company help you?

A website host should help you reach your unique online goals. If you are not very into techenique stuff yet have a desire to turn your personal interest into a home business, you may want to try the uniqueness of SiteSell as a hosting company. It provides tools to equip you besides being a host like many other companies. It focuses on help people follow their dreams.

But SiteSell is not for everybody, and certainly not for the get-rich-quick dreamers. Another plus of it is that once you are a member of it, you'll meet many honest yet successful small business owners on its great-but-now-members-only forum. You can try it 90 days free.

Support, security, guaranteed uptime and backups

Security and backups are two very important aspects that you need to consider when it comes to choose the best website hosting company that suit your unique needs. If you are not a very technical person, good technical support is something you must have.

I also use Godaddy.com as the host for my clients who use multi-languages because SiteSell doen't provide its excellent tools for languages other than English. Though Godaddy isn't rated as the best by many, I found it quite handy and user-friendy. Its tech-support, FTP, security, uptime and backups are to my satisfaction. The intergrating of a wordpress blog was effortless.

If you run an ecommerce website then security is one aspect where you just cannot lower your standard. Your web hosting provider should be able to monitor things round the clock and ensure the safety of your site.

Disk space and bandwidth

Disk space is the amount of storage assigned to your site by the web hosting provider. The bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website. If your website has a lot of graphics or videos, you would need higher storage space and greater bandwidth.

Programming tools and the Operating System

Most web hosts run on a UNIX based operating system, usually Linux or BSD. For the running of various web applications, you would need ASP, .NET, MS SQL, SBS and a Window-based host.



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