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The Fiancee Visa or Fiance Visa is also referred as K-1 visa or marriage visa by some. It is a non-immigrant visa for the foreign-citizen Fiancee or Fiance of a United States (U.S.) citizen. Eligible children of K-1 visa applicants receive K-2 visas.

The K-1 visa permits the foreign-citizen fiancee to travel to the United States and marry her or his U.S. citizen partner as soon as within 90 days of arrival.

After the wedding, the foreign-citizen will then be able to apply for adjustment of status to a permanent resident (LPR) with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Because a K-1 visa permits its holder to come to the U.S. and marry a U.S. citizen shortly after her/his arrival, there are certain requirements they have to meet.

Here we are going to specifically talk about the Chinese fiance or fiancee visa. Since this is an English site, we assume you, our visitors, are the U.S. citizen sponsors for the fiance or fiancee visa.

About Fiancee or Fiance Status:

1. In general, you and your Chinese fiancee or fiance must have met in person within the past two years before you file the Petition for Alien Fiancee with the Form I-129F.

Although the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may grant an exception to this requirement in certain cases, such as the tradition of the foreign-citizen fiancee or fiance forbids a man and woman to meet before marriage, this will not apply to the culture of China. If this is the route you need to take, you'll have to prove that your situation is exceptional.

Though the rules state that one face-to-face visit is required, if you could prove that you see each other in person more than once, you'll increase your credibility. USCIS actually likes to see more of you being together; two is really great and three is even better.

2. Both you and your Chinese fiancee must have been legally free to marry at the time you file the petition. And you must remain so before the approval.

3. You marriage must be legally possible according to the U.S. state laws in the state your marriage will take place.

If you've married and need to have a marriage visa for your spouse, check out here.



Some Other Tips:

You may check out this goverment site for more detaled information about the fiancee or fiance visa process. Here are some tips that the goverment doesn't give you.

It would be great if you could make a second visit at the time of your Chinese fiancee or fiance's interview.

Depending on which day your Chinese fiancee or fiance's interview falls on, it would be beneficial to attend the American Citizen Hour (ACH).

If your fiancee or fiance's interview is successful, she/he will get a pink slip (congratulations!) and the visa is ready for pick up in about two business days.

If you could fly home with your Chinese fiancee fiance to give your emotional support, that would be something worth doing.

If for some reason your fiancee or fiance gets a blue slip, it can be difficult. You'll need an average of two to three months to overcome the process, depending on background checks, domicile in the US, financial situation, and many other factors that all form a profile of a bona fide relationship for the various levels of review, from USCIS, to the FBI, to the DOS, etc.

In Chinese, the popular term for wife nowadays is Lao Po, husband is Lao Gong.

Allow time for your Chinese fiancee/fiance/Lao Po/Lao Gong to adjust to the life in the U.S.A. She/he may be homesick and feel the pronounced language/cultural differences.

You may want to find a good on-line support group that is dedicated exclusively to Americans with a Chinese fiancee/fiance/Lao Po/Lao Gong. While it man help you enjoy your new relationship, it can also provide you the much needed experience, tools and information to help you meet the special challenges of a new marriage with a Chinese woman/man.


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