Chinese Holidays and Festivals



Traditional Chinese Holidays and Festivals

When it comes to Chinese holidays and festivals, we unavoidably come to in contact with Chinese calendars.

If you have dealings with China, for business purposes or for personal reasons, it's a plus to know some of the basics. It might help you make your schedule more effective.

There are two kinds of holidays in China:

-- The traditional festivals. They are dated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, including the holidays of othe ethnic minorities other than the Han people.

-- The modern China holidays that Chinese people observe. They are dated by the Gregorian calendar.

The Important Traditional Chinese Holidays/Festivals:

There are several important traditional Chinese holidays and festivals that are celebrated across China. They weigh differently in Chinese people's life than the modern China holidays. And other ethnic minorities have their own unique festivals.

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest holiday in China that lasts for 15 days, though workers normally have 3 days off. Here are more details.



Mid-Autumn FestivalMid-Autumn Festival

It falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month and is also called Moon Festival, a day for moon cakes. Here is the legend of moon cake.


Qingming Festival

Some people call it Pure and Bright Festival. Here are more details about this sad yet beautiful occasion.


Double Nine

A very auspicious day that is also called Height Ascending Day or Chongyang Festival.


The Double Seven (or Qi Qiao Jie) Festival is one of the most romantic traditional festivals in China. Its most popular Chinese name is Qi Xi, which literally means "The Night of Sevens."




Chinese Dragon Boat Festiva

It occurs on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, fun, exciting and full of meanings.


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