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Here are some of the Chinese visa and China travel questions we've recieved.



Since they are common questions, we posted them here and hope they may help you if you share the same concerns.

For some of the longer questions, we've shortened them by keeping only the main ideas; and for the not-so-long ones, we've kept most the original words.

  1. How long does it take to get my wife/husband to the USA?
  2. May I mail my visa application documents to a Chinese consulate office?
  3. How much is the visa fee?
  4. What's the most important tip you'll give to a traveler?
  5. How do I get a China visa?
  6. What if I lost my passport during my travel?
  7. How's driving in China? What kind of procedures should be done if I want to drive a motor vehicle in China?
  8. I am traveling from the United States to South East Asia this fall. I am looking at a flight back from Vietnam and it has a connection in China. Just wondering if I need a visa to enter China, or will my connecting flight be enough?
  9. What kinds of foreigners are most needed in China?
  10. I've been working in a company for years and I hold a valid Employment Permit. May I leave for another company? Or can I have a part time job with this Employment Permit if there is an offer?
  11. Can Foreigners Apply Chinese Visa on Arrival?
  12. Teaching Jobs in China - A Chinese Work Visa Question


If you have some concerns in the areas of Chinese visa or Chinese culture you'd like to contact us about, please use this form. Have a great trip to China and have fun with Chinese culture.

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