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Q. "What kinds of foreigners are most needed in China?"

A: Though China has emerged onto the world stage as one of the super economic engines, it is still a developing country that needs to bring in many foreign capitals during its development. This holds the most importance on the mind of the Chinese government. It reflects in their policies.

While the country is taking off economically, China wants to learn the advanced administrative theories and scientific technologies from more developed countries to pair with its fast growth.

Due to these reasons, foreign investment, especially high-level technology and other advanced fields, are most encouraged by the Chinese government. High-level administrators and technical staff are very welcome to work in China.

As a result of being open to the rest of the world since the 1980's, English is a must for higher education and many careers in China. In turn, English-teaching careers are flourishing. You may want to check with relevant agencies to find out the demand and supply situation.


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