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Q: "I've been working in a company for years and I hold a valid Employment Permit. May I leave for another company? Or can I have a part time job with this Employment Permit if there is an offer?"

A: Sorry; the answer is "no."

According to the Chinese relevant regulations, a foreigner can only work for the employer who is registered on the Employment Permit.

It is considered illegal in China if a foreign employee is employed by a second employer other than the one registered on the Employment Permit unless these employers are invested by the same investor.

So if you want to work for another employer, here is the correct procedure:

1. You shall resign from your current employer first according to the terms mentioned in your labor contract, and have your employer agree with you.

2. The new employer shall apply for the amendment of your Employment Permit and Residence Permit with relevant documents.

After these steps, you may work at your new position.


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