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Lanzhou is the capital city of Gansu Province, and the only city in China where the Yellow River flows across the downtown area. It is called "the Capital of the Yellow River" and "the City of Mountains and Water".

The city is the transportation and telecommunication center of northwest China, covering an area of 1631.6 square kilometers (629.96 square miles).

It was once a key point on the ancient Silk Road and is now a hub of the Silk Road Tourism Ring; Lanzhou is a city made of the harmonious combination of ancient and modern times.

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You may reach Lanzhou by taking a straight flight from your country to its Lukou International Airport, one of the ten major airports in China, which connects with 65 major cities of the world such as Tokyo, Frankfurt, Vancouver, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles, Moscow, Singapore and Seoul.

Or you may need to take flight to one of the most used international airports in China, such as the ones in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, and then take a China's domestic airline to Lanzhou. Read here to see how to find the best travel deals to Lanzhou China.

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In Lanzhou China

Lanzhou has five districts that comprise Lanzhou's downtown:

  • Chengguan: the eastern part of Lanzhou, the center of politics, economy, culture, scientific research and transportation.
  • Anning: the northwestern part of Lanzhou, this place is the city's economic development zone and is also where most colleges are located.
  • Qilihe
  • Xigu
  • Honggu

If you want to witness the local entertainment of common people, or go shopping for some Chinese things, go to Zhongxin Square (Dongfanghong Square).

Lanzhou is famous for its Peace Drum Performance and Hand-Made-Noodles. Make sure you see the performance and taste the food. The picture at right is one sample of a Peace Drum. The picture at the top of this page is of people play the drums. Very exciting.

The popular commercial streets are:

  • Qingyang Lu
  • Zhongshan Lu
  • Jiuquan Lu
  • Zhangye Lu
  • Yongchang Lu
  • Qin'an Lu
  • Longxi Lu
  • Linxia Lu

Noticing the "Lu" at the end of every street? It means "road" in Chinese.

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