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China is the third largest country in the world, just behind Russia and Canada. Some count it as the fourth largest one that is right behind the U.S.A., depending on how its territory is measured.

It has a population of about 1.3 billion people, meaning that out of every 5 people in the world, there is one Chinese person.

Since China is huge, it has 34 provinces AND areas that are at provincial level as showed on the map below.

It includes four Municipalities, two Special Administrative Areas, five Automnomous Regions and twenty-three provinces. P. R. China considers Taiwan one of its provinces while Taiwan considers itself a country at present time. This has been a debate and fight since 1949.

China Provinces and Their Capital Cities

The following are provinces of China and areas that are at provincial level. You may find out the hotel costs in their capital cities by using the price-finder below if you plan to visit there someday.


china provinces mapMap of China Provinces

Four Municipalities that are directly under the central government:

  • Beijing (Capital of China)
  • Tianjin
  • Shanghai
  • Chongqing

Two Special Administrative Areas:

Five Autonomous Regions:

  • Xinjiang - Capital city: Urumqi
  • Neimongol - Capital city: Hohhot
  • Tibet (Xizang) - Capital city: Lhasa
  • Guangxi - Capital city: lanzhou
  • Ningxia - Capital city: Yinchuan

Twenty Three Provinces if includs Tanwai:

  1. Heilongjiang - Capital city: Harbin
  2. Jilin - Capital city: Changchun
  3. Liaolin - Capital city: Shenyang
  4. hebei - Capital city: Shijiazhuang
  5. Shangdong - Capital city:
  6. Jiangsu - Capital city: Nanjing (see Pictures)
  7. Shanxi - Capital city: Taiyuan
  8. Shaanxi - Capital city: Xian, or Xi'an, the place where the Terra Cotta Army is located.
  9. Henan - Capital city: Zhengzhou
  10. Hubei - Capital city: Wuhan

  11. Hunan - Capital city: Changsha
  12. Anhui - Capital city: Hefei
  13. Jiangxi - Capital city: Nanchang
  14. Zhejiang - Capital city: Hangzhou
  15. Fujian - Capital city: Fuzhou
  16. Guangdong - Capital city: Guangzhou
  17. Guizhou - Capital city: Guiyang
  18. Yunnan - Capital city: Kunming
  19. Sichuan - Capital city: Chengdu
  20. Gansu - Capital city: Lanzhou
  21. Qinghai - Capital city: Xining
  22. Hainan - Capital city: Haikou. Sanya is its second largest city and a great tourism attraction.
  23. Taiwan - Capital city: Taipei (Taibei)


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