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There are many interesting facts about China kids. Here are some that you might find fascinating.

Fun Facts About China Kids:

-- While the Chinese kids in big cities play with man-made toys and computer games, many children in small towns and villages keep crickets as pets. Cricket fighting is a pretty popular sport for them. (We had those experiences when we were young. What fun!)


-- Children who want to have crickets as their pets get out at dust. They pick a grass stem that can be manipulated into a tiny stick with an antennae-like top, and then they wiggle the stick into a hole that they've inspected which they know has a cricket inside. Somehow the cricket is lured out by the tiny stick. Kids quickly capture it and put it into a glass jar. That is how a cricket becomes a pet.


-- One of the popular hobbies for Chinese kids is collecting stamps.


-- Chinese kids normally don't have siblings now. Because there are too many people in China and the pressure is too big on the land, the Chinese goverment made a law called "The One Child Policy" that allows only one kid per family for the Han people - a majority in China that takes up about 95% of the population.


-- There are 29 kid emperors in China's history, including the last emperor Puyi.


-- The youngest child emperor is Liu Long, the Emperor Shangdi in the Han Dynasty. He was enthroned when he was only 100 days old. Unfortunately, he did not reach his first birthday.


-- The Chinese kids are often called by their family with the last character twice. It is a sign of affection. For example, if your first name is yu-lan, you might be called lan-lan.


-- -- When a Chinese kid loses a baby tooth, it doesn't get tucked under the pillow for the tooth fairy. Instead, the tooth will be planted in the ground if it's a upper tooth so that the new tooth will grow in straight and healthy; it would be tossed up to the rooftops if it's a bottom tooth so that the new tooth will grow upwards.



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By the way, do you know what Chinese children get during Chinese spring festival?

-- Yes. Red envelopes. They get to set off lots of fireworks too.


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