Metal Rat

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Metal Rat

Years of the Metal Rat are:

31 Jan, 1900 - 18 Feb, 1901
28 Jan, 1960 - 14 Feb, 1961



People born in the Metal-Rat years love attention. They are sensitive, idealistic, envious and possessive. They are motivated by thought.

They are talented in communication, which allows them to hide their weaknesses well. Many of them are persuasive talkers.

They are charming on the outside but may be very possessive on the inside.

They can be selfish, especially with money. They love wealth, but are not very good at saving money.


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Suggestions :

They need to make some effort to learn to control their possessiveness and temper; they can receive true love and live a happier life.

Also, make sure to save up!

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