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current currency exchange rates

Today's Currency Rates for Chinese Renminbi and Currencies of the World



The exchange rates calculator below allows you to have live currency rates. The static currency conversion table or currency exchange table is not needed to find the currency rates today.

For your convenience, here are the currency values and conversion formulas for the three Chinese money units. For more information about currency in China, go here.

10 fen = 1 jiao (or 1 mao)

10 jiao = 1 yuan ( or 1 kuai)

100 fen = 1 yuan

For example: 8.88 yuan = 8 yuan 8 jiao 8 fen (or 8 kuai 8 mao 8 fen).

It's good to familiarize yourself with Chinese money terms.

(You may be aware why we used 8 in this example. Yes, eight is one of the Chinese lucky numbers. We wish you good luck in China! )


This foreign currency converter uses live currency exchange rates


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