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Welcome! Looking for China related information? You've come to the right place. This China visa website is not just about Chinese visas. We strive to provide you information about:

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Then why the name China Visa? "China visa" actually has two meanings here. While it is an endorsement from the Chinese government on your passport, showing that your passport has been examined by the visa officials of China and granting your entry into or passage through China, it also symbolizes a greater potential for your personal or business goals.

To China: Which Visa Do You Need?


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Important China Cities

There are many attractive cities in China. The ones that are best known are:

  • Shanghai: the "Paris of the Orient."
  • Hong Kong: the "Pearl of the Orient."
  • Kunming: the "Spring City in China."
  • Sanya: a popular tourist destination and the southernmost city in China.
  • Guilin: a place where "the scenery is peerless under the heavens."
  • Nanjing: a city that once was the capital of 10 dynasties and regimes.
  • Lanzhou: "the Capital of the Yellow River" and "the City of Mountains and Water".

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Inside China: What You May Want to Know

What you may want to know so you can better prepare yourself for your trip to/study in China:

  • Chinese numbers: They are one of the basics that are really useful for your life in China. The Chinese Lucky Numbers can help you avoid some unpleasant experiences or gain some unexpected favors in your dealings in China. Besides, it's fun just to know about them.
  • World Heritage Sites in China: As the cradle of an ancient civilization, China offers lots of treasures to discover.
  • Chinese Holidays: To know them will help you better plan your trip and schedule.
  • Chinese People: These pages include but are not limited to China's "One Child Policy", famous people from ancient China and other famous Chinese people since the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Chinese language is truly amazing. Chinese characters and calligraphy are beautiful to look at yet hard to master. They are called Chinese Symbols by many. If you want to know the Chinese alphabet, you might find yourself surprised.
  • Chinese Lunar Calendars: They play very important roles in Chinese people's lives.

The Chinese traditions and culture page is the Chinese cultural sitemap for our visitors. You can find the comprehensive content index there.

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Chinese Food and Drink is a site that-- well, its name is self-explanatory. You may also find authentic Chinese recipes and useful nutritional information there.


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