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Laughing in the Wind



Laughing in the Wind

Laughing in the Wind is the work of Chinese Kung Fu novelist Jinyong. It has become a successful TV series with different versions since 1984 and viewed in most of the Chinese-speaking areas, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Its other name is The Smiling, Proud Wonderer, or Xiao Ao Jiang Hu in Mandarin.



In 2005, the series was released in a four-part DVD volume by Knight Mediacom International in the United States.

It also has been adopted as games.

Like always, Jinyong's story happens among martial practicing communities. In this book/show, there are quite a few sectors involved:

  • Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance
  • Mount Hua Sect
  • Qi faction
  • Sword faction
  • Mount Song Sect
  • Mount Heng Sect
  • Mount Tai Sect
  • Sun Moon Holy Cult
  • Shaolin Sect
  • Wudang Sect
  • Qingcheng Sect
  • Fuwei Escort Agency

An intriguing story with unforgetful characters.

Laughing in the WindGame Version

Return of the Condor HeroesIllustrition in Jingyong's Book

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