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The following are some facts about Mount Everest. When a moutain attracts climbers, its facts mingle with those mountaineers forever.

-- The first ascent by an American was on May 1, 1963 by James Whittaker via the South Col Route.


-- The first ascent by a woman was on May 16, 1975 by Junko Tabei via the South Col Route. Here is what she said:

  • "Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by others...it rises from your heart."
  • "I can't understand why men make all this fuss about Everest--it's only a mountain."


-- The first ascent by an American woman was on September 29, 1988 by Stacey Allison via the South-East Ridge. Here is what she said after her successful ascent:

"The end of the ridge and the end of the world... then nothing but that clear, empty air. There was nowhere else to climb. I was standing on the top of the world."


-- The first oxygenless ascent was by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler via the South-East Ridge on May 8, 1978. Here was what Peter Habeler said:

"We just lay on our bellies in the snow, gasping and immobile."


-- The first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest from both north and south sides is Cathy O'Dowd. The two ascent dates are:

  • From South: May 25, 1996
  • From North: May 25, 1999


-- The fastest ascent from the south side was by then-34-year-old Babu Chhiri Sherpa with 16 hours and 56 minutes on May 21, 2000.


-- The fastest ascent from the north side was by Hans Kammerlander on May 24, 1996, via the standard North Col Ridge Route. He spent 16 hours 45 minutes.


-- The youngest person who reached the Everest top was then-15-year-old Temba Tsheri. He reached it on May 22, 2001.

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