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Now QQ Messenger 2011 is available, and both Chinese and non-Chinese can use it. Here are some good things about this version. QQ China, QQ expressions: thumb up (This is a QQ expression.)

  • Clear, nicely designed interface
  • Extra tools like remote control, screen capture and video recording
  • Lots of customization options
  • Support for text, voice and video chats (It's the best so far.)
  • Usual IM features: smileys, nudges, file sharing...

Cons? Yeah, there are some room for them to improve, such as making it easier when adding contacts, downloading new interface themes, etc. But we don't complain. The pros far exceed the shortcomings.

QQ China: Examples

Here are some examples how Creative people can be while using QQ Expressions.

Now through Chinese QQ - the Public Transportation in Beijing:

Please note that the red-faced angry person who sits at the back door on the bus is usually the bus-ticket seller.

rush hour BeijingBeijing Bus at rush hour. People who have space around them are those who are lucky enough to have a seat. Others are standing riders. The most used QQ expressions are: QQ China QQ China QQ ChinaQQ China QQ China QQ China


QQ China Beijing Subway at rush hour


QQ ChinaBeijing bus at regular hours


QQ ChinaBeijing bus: on a non-demanding route at non rush hour


QQ China, China QQBeijing bus at regular hours. People like to stand close to the front door. The bus driver is shouting: "Move towards the back! Move towards the back! There is plenty of room down there!" which is a very common scene on the buses of Beijing.

If you ever have a chance to experience Beijing's public transportation, don't be . Tighten your belt and you'll have .


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