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What is QQ? QQ is the Chinese social network platform that has 636.6 million active user accounts (as of September 30, 2010).

The number of simultaneous online QQ accounts have exceeded 100 million. These facts about China QQ show that people love to enjoy themselves with QQ programs, and express themselves with QQ expressions. (And sometimes with great creativity. We'll soon get to that.)

QQ belongs to a company called Tencent QQ in Shenzhen. However, the name "Tencent" is often omitted and people just say "a company called QQ" or simply "QQ."

QQ offers the most popular free instant messaging program in Mainland China, along with games, virtual pets, virtual farms and blogs etc, called Qzone. It ranked 10th overall in Alexa's Internet rankings in February 2011.

QQ has been a household program in mainland China, thus entering Chinese communities outside of China because they use it to communicate with their relatives and friends in China.

This is the reason why we are part of the crowds. If you ask who has QQ in the USA, the United Kingdom or in any other country, the answer could be "almost all the Chinese-speaking people and many others who are connected with China with business or personal reasons.”

And China QQ services are moving beyond Chinese language. In addition to its use in China and within Chinese-speaking communities, QQ has expanded its services internationally.

Chinese QQ International Partnership

As of April 2011, QQ has following international partnership:

  • In India, It has partnered with ibiboto to bring services such as chat, mail and games to the developing Indian Internet sphere.
  • Vietnam QQ network: In Vietnam, it works with VinaGameto to bring the QQ Casual Gaming portal and the QQ Messenger Vietnamese to the Vietnamese gaming communities.
  • In the USA, Tencent has partnered with AOL to bring QQ gaming experience for the AIM user base.
  • QQITALY: In Italy, QQ has released an Italian language version, QQITALY.

Due to its popularity, a series of QQ expressions were used creatively by its users. The following is an example that may bring you some insight about the Chinese experience in Beijing. The name of the creator is unknown. But these expressions became a hit overnight in the Chinese cyber world.

China QQ Example

Below are the common QQ expressions that indicate moods. They are usually animated.

China QQ 2011, QQ ChinaThe common QQ expressions. You can have many customized ones too. The company Tencent QQ in Shenzhen has created a big part of China virtual culture. They must feel good about it like this: China QQ




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