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The Number "Eight"

Eight is another Chinese lucky number. Its pronunciation is similar to the Chinese word fa(fa), which means " prosperity" or "being prosperious".

If you have an 8 as your house number, telephone number or car license number, it means you carry this lucky number with you or you live within this lucky number. It must be very comforting if you really are into this belief.

And thinking about if you have not only one 8, but two, or three, or more, you have double prosperity, triple, even four times or more. What about eight times? Actualy, an 8888-8888 phone number was purchased by China Sichuan airline with RMB 2.33 million (about 280,723 US dollars or 177,209 UK pounds). Eight times of "fa".

Have you ever wondered why the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympic in Beijing was at 8pm on the 8th day of August? Notice how many 8s were in the date and time? Year, month, day and hour all are 8. Was it a coincidence? (It was said that even the minute and second are 8 too. It needs to be checked for accuracy.)

Knowing what's important to Chinese people may help your relationship with them and your business flourish. Many businesses outside of China take this into their heart and take actions accordingly. A Commerce Bank branch in New York's Chinatown had a raffle drawing for a safety deposit box with number 888. It served as part of its grand opening promotions.


Lucky Chinese Numbers: Number "Two"

double xi2 one of the Chinese lucky numbers. It's considered lucky because 2 means pairs. Chinese people like to think that "Good things come in pairs."

This is how the phrase looks like in Chinese:Good things come in pairs. That's why one of the lucky symbols for a wedding is a red double Xi, as shown on picture left.

If good things come in pairs, how good things are.


Lucky Chinese Numbers: Number "Six"

6 is one of the Chinese lucky numbers. It is pronounced "liu", which sounds like the word for "flowing, smoothness, fluid". In some dialects, it sounds like "lu", sharing the sound with a Chinese lucky symbolChinese lucky character: Lu , which means prosperity.

Everybody wants his/her life to go smoothly and to be fortunate in terms of money.

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Lucky Chinese Numbers: Number 168

If the number 1, 6 and 8 are put together, the combination is extremely good, comprising a new Chinese lucky number. 168 sounds like being prosperous all the way down the road. It's no doubt a great number for people who wish to have good luck in seeking prosperity.

Due to this lucky number seeking trend, businesses base on the belief are thriving. Phone number sellers, car license dealers and other number-related businesses hold auctions periodically. Many people are willing to pay hundreds of thousand dollars to have the number they think is auspicious, with cash. There are many wealthy people in China today willing to pursue their dream numbers so that they may be more prosperous and lucky.

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