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Weather in Shanghai



Weather in Shanghai

Shanghai has the northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, plenty of sunshine and abundant rainfall.



With just a few hills lying in the southwest corner, most of Shanghai is part of the plain of the Yangtze River Delta. The average elevation is about 4 meters (13 feet). The highest point is Dajin Hill which is about 103.4 meters (339 feet) above sea level.

Shanghai's spring and autumn are relatively short compared to the summer and winter. The city has about 1,534 total hours of sunshine, and its rain season is from May to September.

Monthly Temperature and Precipitation in Shanghai

The Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Chart of Shanghai may give you an idea when is the best time to vist this great city.


Average Monthly Temperature (Celsius at left and Fahrenheit in parenthesis) 

Average   Monthly Precipitation(mm)
January 4.5, (40.1) 105.7
February  4.2, (39.6)  53.4
March  11.6, (52.8) 31.8
April   16.1, (60.9) 61.3
May  21.8, (71.2) 105.8 
June   24.2, (75.6)   354.0
July   30.4, (86.7)  124.4
August  28.6, (83.5)  375.4
September  26.0, (60.8) 113.6
October  21.0, (69.8)  59.7
November 13.3, (55.9) 98.2
December 7.9, (46.2) 29.5

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