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The compatibility of Chinese astrology signs is based on how Chinese count their years.

Chinese years are divided into twelve cycles and each cycle is represented by 12 animals. It is said that a person born under a particular cycle has the characteristics of these animals, which may indicate the compatibility levels of two romantic partners.

In Chinese Astrology, the twelve animals are divided into four groups, which are called “Trines”. There are three animals in each Trine.

The theory says that people who are under the same Trine have the similarities in nature so they are best suited for romantic relationships. The similar attitude and outlook towards life help build a harmonious relationship.

Take a look of the four trines and have fun by finding out which animal you are here. It will open in a different window so you can come back here easily. Is the one you are thinking about in the same trine with you?

First Trine: Rat, Dragon and Monkey

Of all the four trines, the signs in the First Trine are the most powerful and passionate, strong and intense in love .

Second Trine: Ox, Snake and Rooster

The Second Trine is calm and quiet in nature. Their love is also calm, quiet but may run very deep. People may be misled by their careful nature and presence.

Third Trine: Tiger, Horse and Dog

The animals in the this Trine are energetic. They enjoy their own individual identity, yet they are faithful and reliable love partners.

Fourth Trine: Rabbit, Ram and Pig

It is said that the Fourth Trine signs are the weakest of all the trines because of their submissive nature. They are not as strong as the other signs.

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