Wood Rabbit

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Wood Rabbit

The Wood Rabbit Years are:

14 Feb, 1915 - 2 Feb, 1916
11 Feb, 1975 - 30 Jan, 1976


People who are born in the year of Rabbit with the element of Wood are full of ideas. They are thoughtful, kind, liberal, compassionate and motivated by generosity.

They can fussy sometimes because they are detail oriented and the little things may upset them quickly.

They are also stubborn, especially in romance. A bad relationship may leave a life-long scar on them.

They don't like to share their opinions in public and are good at keeping a secret.

They are usually very lucky when they encounter a problem because people are willing to pull them out of the mess.


They need to learn to keep their loved ones in their mind more.

Keep a tight buddget over the daily spendings because they often experience financial suprises, in both good and bad ways.

They must not gamble, because it may lead to disastrous outcomes.


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