Fire Rabbit

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Fire Rabbit

The Fire Rabbit Years are:

2 Feb, 1927 - 22 Jan, 1928
29 Jan, 1987 - 16 Feb, 1988


People who are born in the year of Rabbit with the element of Fire have a big heart. They are loving, unobtrusive, sensitive, perceptive and motivated by appreciation.

They tolerate others' mistakes but not their own. They treat everything with an earnest attitude.

They are also very sharp when comes to identifying other's strength. And they often have original ideas to qualify them as the ideal candidates for team leaders, teachers or mentors.

Although they can be good leaders, sometimes they are perfectionists and may make people feel pressured when working for them.


They need to watch their temper and learn to use their strength of identifying the right people for right purposes.

They may lose control while arguing, so learning to not vent anger at their loved ones are important.


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